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Inspired by Richard Willich

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Have you heard the story of Richard Willich? Well, let me give you an idea. He was a grandson of European immigrants. When they came to the US, all they ever wanted was to achieve their own American Dream. So, Mr. Wilich did his very best just to achieve his American Dream. With his persistence, hardword and faith in God, he was able to rise up as the most successful and admired businessman and at the same time a philanthropist and patriot. He is now currently the chairman and chief executive officer of MDI Holdings.

So, isn’t his story inspiring? Anyway, I wanted to become like him too. Not that I wanted to be rich and admired but I wanted to fulfill my Canadian dream. Well, I wanted to go to America too but it’s hard to migrate there now. Though Canada is also hard but they are still open for immigration especially for Filipinos like me.

It’s been years that I wanted to go and migrate to Canada but many circumstances came and our plans were not pushed through. So probably, in the next years to come, we might still have the chance to pursue our Canadian dream.

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