Inspiring “Nouveau Riche” People


Remember my earlier post, my kiddos and I went to a Monday Holiday Treat? Well, I went to National Bookstore and bought some self-help books. One of the books I bought talked about how to succeed in life’s different aspects, be it emotionally, physically or financially.From the many topics that were covered by the book, I really liked the topic on people who have been called Nouveau Riche (a French word for “new rich”). It talked about poor people who worked hard from scratch to gain the success they have today.

Locally, I admire Mr. John Gokongwei, Jr. He is one of the Nouveau Riche of the Philippines. He started his buy-and-sell business and selling all sort of items at age of 15 years old. He did anything just to earn money to help her widowed mom and six other siblings to survive. He took night classes just to finish his schooling.

When he arrived in Manila in 1950, he started his trading business and got a loan from the bank. From there, he has grown his business. He became a millionaire by 1956. His business expanded to hotel, flour, department store, textiles, sugar milling, real estate, banking industries, cement and many more. He because one of the richest men in Asia until today.

Anyway, I have read an article that listed people who have become Nouveau Riche worldwide. I was really amazed how these people achieved their successes. Hopefully someday, I would become like them!


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