Installed a New Theme

Well, I guess you already have noticed that I changed my blog’s layout; from pink to light pink! I spent many days looking for a theme to use but didn’t find any. So, I decided to make one out of the theme I used in some of my blogs. Stretch Theme is available in RED (used at The Ruby Posts), GREEN (used by Lourdes’ Mia and BLUE. Since I think PINK won’t go far away from this blog because it is already her BRANDING, I decided to make a PINK version of this theme. I spent the whole morning editing and tweaking using the GREEN one as my base.

old pinay mommy online theme

new pinay mommy online theme

So, your honest opinion is required, do you like my new theme? :yes: :no: Or you prefer the old one? Please comment. 😀

14 thoughts on “Installed a New Theme

  1. I certainly love the color and the fluid width,I’m a sucker for both, plus it is also 3 column which makes the blog not too crowded on one side.:yes:

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