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Since the advent of the internet, technology has surprised us countless times.  Instead of the usual mailing of letters in the post office, we have saved so much cost and time with electronic mails. A good news you want to share with everybody does not have to wait for weeks.  Photos can readily be available for loved ones living on the other side of the world.  Technology has indeed made the world smaller, and that is such a good thing!

Internet cafés are such great help for those people who want to have an internet access but could not have one in their own homes.  These shops have dedicated serving hosting PC, the reason for their easy and fast connections.  Costumers looking for a more comfortable space to do their emails can  avail of  private rooms for privacy and comfy seats. For many others, food is also available so you could enjoy your coffee or snacks while getting a good internet connection.  Many people do not actually mind paying for their internet use per hour because of the homey ambiance and the quality service they get in their favorite internet shops.

On top of that, people who go to internet shops do not have to worry about their internet bill which comes monthly.  Not to mention of course that they could use their time productively because they would just use the internet whenever needed, unlike so many people who actually get hooked in cyberspace most of their free times.

These internet shops also provide kids and adults with a space to play online games.  Online games are great de-stressors for many people, so many would spend an hour or two in these shops after work or school just to meet up with friends and play games to unwind.  Internet shops, especially those in bigger cities should have an excellent game server hosting PC for their costumers to have an ultimate online gaming experience.

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32 thoughts on “Internet Cafés

  1. Such places are getting more and more popular and cosy too. I visit at least 2 times a week whenever I find myself too boring at home.

    1. haha, yeah though you have the access at home, you still go to shops /just like my cousin who still want to play outside with his friends.

  2. I cannot imagine what will happen to our society without this internet cafes, since it became part of daily routine of most people, especially the young ones.

  3. I cannot imagine what will happen to our society without these internet cafes, since it became part of daily routine of most people, especially the young ones.

  4. Indeed! Internet cafes is such a great help for those who doesn’t have internet connections nor doesn’ have their own PC/laptop.

  5. I believe internet caffees are on a downvard spiral. Every hotel, guesthouse or even public park has Wi-Fi these days. As well laptops in general, the mini laptops also knows as netbooks are just to cheap, not to own one 🙂 So I woulndt go wasting my time or money investing specificaly in an internet caffee.

  6. We have a internet cafe, I’m in charge of the records, it’s really good having an internet cafe, and getting patient to those needing assistance when having trouble with their accounts in facebook, twitter etc, 🙂

  7. Internet cafes are indeed useful to C, D and E members of our society but I am sad to tell you that very few among them are making money. The reckoning day is fast approaching for many of them but I do hope that our government would realize their usefulness (not the gaming shops) so that a rescue effort could be put in place.

    1. Yes it is very costly to rent in an internet shop, I remember when I was single, I used to play 10am-10pm or more. Well because of being a gamer or an addict, I stopped schooling.. 🙁

  8. Hi

    Inter cafe is very useful to beginners of online games, and social media new users. because the cafe assistants will help you, if you want. but now a days many internet cafe is open with many facilities.

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