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Intrigued Over BBM

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I am an avid Twitter user and like most people with Twitter accounts, I do follow some celebrities. I love reading their exchanges with fellow celebrities and even with their non-celebrity friends and somehow, I get a little glimpse of their lives behind the camera.

One time as I was browsing some tweets, I read one celebrity asking another celebrity to BBM her. I thought BBM was another Internet acronym like LOL or BRB. I was really intrigued over it until I learned that BBM was the acronym for BlackBerry Messenger or the instant messaging application exclusively for BlackBerry smart phone users. So now I’m thinking if I should save up for a blackberry curve so that I can ask my friends to “BBM” me too.

It’s really amazing how advanced technology has become. Technology has paved the way for people to be closer to each other. Distance can now be bridged by our fingertips.

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