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Do you still remember when you were a kid and your mom always reminds you to brush your teeth after you eat a meal or sweets like chocolates? Sometimes they even force kids to do it so but being a child, we don’t give to much attention about that, we often ignore because of our laziness. Yes, I am one of those lazy kids who doesn’t care about cavities and bacterias living inside our mouth. Until we grew up and reach our adolescent stage wherein a lot of changes in our body happens. Adolescent stage also is a stage wherein we are starting to have crushes and puppy loves that is why little by little we are being aware of hygiene because of course, we want to be pretty/handsome in front of your crush so we make sure to keep a good hygiene.

Talking about hygiene, I want to focus about our teeth. Just last November, I went to the dentist and undergone a lot of dental fillings. I spent a lot of money for them to make my teeth more presentable. But I have this tooth that cannot be saved by just dental fillings so after that, I had my tooth extraction. When I was younger, I also had another permanent teeth that is extracted. Now I have two already, and it will result to having spaces between my teeth. My dentist advised be to have braces but I don’t like it, I mean having metals on my mouth… So he recommended this invisalign San Diego braces.  A new style of braces has developed that are invisible braces and this invisible braces system known as Invisalign is becoming increasingly common and popular. So, it sounds better than having ordinary braces, huh? I’m still thinking about it though.

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