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Is it Rainy Summer Yet?

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It was said in the news that this year we will have a rainy summer. That’s a far cry from the usual summer we experience once a year. Summers are usually too warm for comfort. Actually, it’s not just warm. It’s toasting hot! But like what was said at the start, the weather bureau is advising people to get ready for a rainy summer. It rained in some parts of the country today so I’m wondering, is it rainy summer already?

Does that mean I would have to buy women’s rain boots instead of that much coveted pair of bikinis? Come to think of it though, the supposed onslaught of rains this summer would be a welcome relief because for sure, the weather would be cooler. However, if the rains do push through, I would feel sorry for the kids, my kids most especially, who are supposed to enjoy their summer vacation.

Well I guess I would just need to think of several indoor activities that my kids and I could enjoy in case it does rain heavily throughout the summer.

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