Is Making Money Online Possible from the Philippines?


Yes! The answer to that question is a big YES!

I started making money online from the Philippines in 2008. Though the journey wasn’t easy from the start, I finally found the road in 2007.

To be honest, I started this money-making journey back in 2000. I just had my first child that year. After giving birth and seeing her grow, I just wanted to stay at home and just be with her. But since I gave birth at a young age, money was really scarce at that time. I need to make money somehow if I wanted to stay at home.

So, I ventured out. I tried making money offline. I earned a couple of bucks but still failed because you need TIME if you want an offline business to work. Then I tried making money online. From 2000 to 2007, all I got into was a scam. I spent more money than earning it.

Then, at the end of 2007, a friend of mine introduced me to blogging. The concept was new to me that even without knowing how to do it really got me so excited. Fast forward to May of 2008, I got my first earnings online and the rest was history!

P.S. I will write more about how I earned online in my future articles. Please stay tuned or better yet subscribe with your email below so you won’t miss a thing!

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.



      momi THiNZ, I am not yet a successful blogger but I just found a way of making money from it.

      Don’t worry, you will bound to become one soon. So just hang in there, let us journey together! ^_^

  • Michi

    I tried making money online but some aren’t successful because you can’t redeem the rewards without reaching the minimum amount or encash the check because they send me check in US dollar.

  • EmemV. | w0ohlala

    Thank you for sharing your experience, however I found your article a little bit short or bitin. Can you tell us more how do you earn? Do you use adsense? Or can you recommend any similar medium to earn? Thanks in advance.


      Hello, Emem V!

      I really made it kind of “bitin” so you will have another reason to visit my blog again. I will be posting more about my money making online experiences in my future articles. So please stay tuned or better yet subscribe so you won’t miss a thing! 😉

  • mayen

    Like you I also want to work from home. We don’t have children yet but when we do, I want to stay at home and care for our children. That is why I am looking forward to your blog post. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  • Mommy Maye

    I’m excited to know more about making money online. We are earning extra money online and I know I can earn more. Thank you in advance for sharing with us how to earn money online.

  • Ida

    There are legit sites in this time and day where we can make money online whether through blogging, teaching, writing, etc. Looking forward to your posts!

  • Vera

    It’s a dream to work online too. I recently attended a VA worskhop with The Happy WAHM and Manila Workshops. Hope you can share more of your journey to help us get started out 🙂

  • Chin chin

    II started with earning online just like you did. I wanted to earn from home after getting stuck at home taking care of 2 or 3 kids. Had encountered scams, too. Thank God, I have found something that works, but it’s not rich quick kind of thing.

  • Ron Leyba

    Making money online is possible as long as you have a computer and steady internet connection. For me, making money online doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend big amount of money to get started on it.

  • Grown-Ups For A Day!

    I’m interested to hear about read about this more. With two little girls to take care of, it will be great to stay at home while they are growing up. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

  • marichu

    hoping someday i can be able to generate additional income from this new hobby of mine. pero for now, practice muna para d masyado nakkahiya sa readers..hahahh

  • maria

    I haven’t earned anything from blogging so it will be interesting to know how you were able to monetize your blog. Can’t wait for your future posts.

  • Melgie

    This is interesting Sis and I’m already excited to read your next blog post. I can’t wait to learn how to earn money online.

  • theresa

    Teach us more. I got into (serious) blogging for 2 years now. The year before that was just into learning the stuff and the like. No one taught me so it was so difficult to read all over tutorials and understand them. It was crazy! Now, I am enjoying blogging but really not earning from it. I get products in exchange of a post though.

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