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In English, it means “one week of love.” Well, why one week of love? Because I really thought that I had a week of insurmountable problems pouring in day in and day out. But of course it ended and by God’s grace I have overcame all things and now is victorious against all.

Anyway, it started last Sunday, October 4, 2009. Around mid-morning, I woke up feeling so cold. I asked my mom to get me the thermometer so that I will know my body temperature. So, I took my body temp and found out that I have a fever around 38 point something Celsius. Then, I immediately took Biogesic to relieve me. Then when the fever went down, I went to the city to buy few things for the kids and the baby. So, after a few hours, I got fever again and it only goes down every time I took a medicine.

Then Monday came, I still had a fever and it has gotten worst. So, I texted my doctor about it and she said come in for a check-up. Since I already have no money, my mom asked my father to send some so that I could be checked up by the doctor which my dad did immediately. Monday afternoon came and we went to see the doctor, she said my birth scars are perfectly healed and that can’t be the reason. So she said probably my breastmilk is causing it. But since I reported that I feel stingy pain when I urinate, she asked me to go urinalysis. So, I did it all.

When I arrived home, I still had a fever. So my best friend called a local “manhihilot” (masseur) who said that it is caused by my breastmilk too and some “buyag” (unnatural powers) too. Anyway, I didn’t believe about the second reason.

Tuesday and Thursday came; still my fever was ranging from 38 to 39 Celsius. Every time I drink medicine, my fever goes down and I sweat. I was like I was using a thermogenic fat burner because my sweat was like flowing everywhere. I was already worried and texted my doctor if the urinalysis result was out. She said she already texted but maybe to my old number because I was not able to receive it. She said I have a urinary tract infection that may be causing my fever. She gave me a prescription and my hubby bought it.

When evening came, we had a problem with our electricity. Our lights went on and off. We were experiencing a low voltage supply in our house causing us to turn off most of our appliances. I called the power company and complained. They said they will go about it. And eventually the next day, we lost power. When I have already in the process of recovering from my fever, we lost power supply in our home. Imagine, a mom who has not yet physically recovered from giving birth and fever is taking care of a newborn baby with no electricity! I really wanted to cry. My friend also called the power company for follow-up but they didn’t come. Good thing, our neighbor offered us to attach a single light bulb from their home to our room just enough for me to see the baby.

Then Saturday came, I was already silent. I just hoped that the power company will come and repair the damage. Then my husband saw that some people from the power company was cutting trees, he asked them if they can take a look but they didn’t because they said there was no complain. So my husband was feeling bad already and so was I. Anyway, another neighbor called the power company again for follow-up. This time he reprimanded the service technicians of the power company and told them that their service is slow. They need to repair it today because of the newborn baby. At that moment too, my best friend went to the office and followed up with the complain we filed. Many helped us.

A little later, I was already about to lose hope that the connection would be restored because it rained hard. Thank God, they still came and repaired the line. Before lunch, we already have our electricity back!!

Though typhoon Ondoy didn’t affect us here in our place but still got my own life storms. Not the worst scenario but enough to test my faith in God. We were stormed from Sunday to Saturday, not only physically, psychologically but also financially. But still I call it one week of love because I felt that God showed that He loved us through it all…


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praning5254@hotmail.com October 11, 2009 - 1:28 am

I’m glad you have survived it all in a week. I commend you for your patience and faith…

Liezl October 11, 2009 - 10:38 am

God is so good, all the time! Keep your faith!

Btw, my entrecard account just in case you’ve missed my previous comment:



Mommy J October 12, 2009 - 4:26 am

Hi Imelda Papin! Mabuti naman at magaling ka na. I hate UTI! I get it every once in a while and it’s not fun….I’d rather have lagnat than UTI kasi ang sakit sakit nun.

Anyway, good to hear that you’re back in action. Take it easy. Mahirap ang binat…

Mommy J

liezl October 12, 2009 - 11:21 am

Thanks for adding me on your blogroll. I’m still subscribe to RSS feeds that’s why I’m up-to-date about your posts and I intend to keep it that way. 🙂

Vic October 12, 2009 - 11:08 pm

That was a nice story which we can get some golden lessons on it. This is a time that although we face physical hardships and troubles, we gain emotional and spiritual strenghts in return. I am glad you are alive and kicking now.

gengen October 18, 2009 - 9:48 am

Grabe na to mommy sagdi ra sa ginaingon ko sa unahan there is a rainbow after the rain.

poshpost October 23, 2009 - 10:26 am

hay grabe mommy…sometimes, i think, when all these will end? but as always mommy, there is a rainbow after every storm. i pray for yours mommy. take care and God bless!


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