Isn’t an RV Interesting?

I saw the movie RV starring Robin Williams, Joana Levesque (JoJo), and Cheryl Hines a few days ago. I know it is an old movie, but it was a fun thing to watch nevertheless. It got me interested on what RVs were and what they could do. And I was wondering perhaps it would be nice to get something like that.

Since I work where my computer is, and basically the RV is something like a travelling home, I think it would be very ideal if I had one because I just love to move around. No more getting stuck in one area for several months or years! So I looked up RV loans just for the heck of it, but not really because I have a plan.

Good thing there are loans to cover those types of vehicles because I can imagine how useful it is. But isn’t it the same thing that most artists use when they travel? Or do they have really bigger vans or buses for those?

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