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Italian Aesthetics and Building Design

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Primavera Residences, Cagayan De Oro City’s newest landmark set in the booming Uptown District boost of Italian Aesthetics and Design. The newest property is developed by Italpinas Development Corporation to be more than just a mixed-used building, it is also eco-friendly and quake-proof, highlighting the more of the Italian modern design.

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Romolo Nati, explained that Italy and Philippines have many similarities especially when it comes to natural calamities, earthquakes, and volcanic activity. This is why both countries can have a lot to learn from in terms of construction. Buildings have more than just the amenities that make life more convenient, these buildings also have environment-friendly features such as solar energy, natural light, and ventilation.

Modern Italian aesthetics and design utilized renewable energy elements as architectural features and this is evident in Primavera Residences. Its location is carefully chosen for its good urban planning, a high land area which is 110 meters above-sea-level and good air quality.

Along with its clean, minimalist interior décor, unit owners will appreciate natural airflow and light through the building’s inner courtyard. This gives Primavera Residences openness and good ventilation. The buildings also have shaded facades to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the windows and reduce the unit temperature. Unit owners are given the opportunity to save on air conditioning and electricity use of up to 20 percent of their total energy consumption.  The buildings also have solar photovoltaic panels to provide electricity for the common areas.

Compared with other condominiums or buildings, you will not feel claustrophobic or cramped in your units at Primavera Residences. It is made ideal for young professionals and families. Living at such a prime location allows you the convenience of living, working and having fun. More business, BPO, and other institutions are expected to open up in the uptown district of Cagayan de Oro City.

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