It’s 2017 and I’m Still Certified Positive!


Certified Positive Planner User Since 2014

Certified Positive Planner User Since 2014

Came across Certified Positive Planner back in 2013, I don’t really remember where I saw it but I was so sure that I wanted it as my planner in 2014… and in 2015 where I gave one away… and in 2016… and yes, in 2017! I was given, collected, and even bought different planners within those years but I can’t seem to change planners since then. There are things in my life that I am not yet willing to let go… and that is being a Certified Positive Planner user!

Why Certified Positive Planner?

There are many reasons why I like using this planner every year and let me summarize them for you in three words: PLAN, PURPOSE, and PASSION.

Certified Positive 2017 Planner

Certified Positive 2017 Planner


This is very obvious. I love using Certified Positive Planner because of the simple reason that I want to plan my year. If you remove all the additional pages within, it will give you all the basics of a planner: an overview of an entire year, and on a monthly and weekly basis. I like plotting important dates such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and paydays! It helps me plan my trips easily.

Year in a Glance

2017 in a Glance

Monthly Overview

Monthly Overview

Weekly Overview

Weekly Overview


Aside from being a planner intended for planning the year, Certified Positive Planner serves a lot of purpose for me. One of those is keeping records of events that occurred during the year since I like to remember specific dates. Being a blogger who sometimes writes about my life events late, doing this helps me remember when I attended an event, went on a trip, had a date with my kids, etc.

Savings Tracker

Though I can do this with any other planner but Certified Positive Planner goes beyond just that. It also serves as my monthly budget and daily expense tracker. To be honest, I don’t use this feature religiously, but it makes me want to try my best monthly to record everything. Recording expenses can really help you with your household budget and other financial related goals. I also plot my bill due dates and cut-offs.

Monthly Budget and Daily Expense Tracker

Monthly Budget and Daily Expense Tracker

And another purpose is related to the next reason…


Certified Positive Planner is one of its kind. I haven’t seen any planner that covers the spiritual aspect of a person. I have seen a lot of planners geared towards goalkeeping, traveling, and finances (savings) but never on the spiritual aspect except Certified Positive. This is the main reason why I kept using this planner since I found it. This planner was made with a fiery passion in helping others in their daily walk with the Lord.

Daily Verse Tracker

Daily Verse Tracker

As a believer of the Christian faith, I appreciate special pages it contains – the daily verse tracker, the one year Bible reading plan incorporated daily within the planner, monthly spiritual goals, and a monthly reflection page to review how your month went based on your goal. Then on a daily basis, you will also read positive quotes to speak positivism in your life. Not to mention, the monthly testimonies of fellow believers in their walk with Christ.

Month End Reflections

What is Different this Year?

All those I mentioned above was already incorporated since the first year of Certified Positive Planner back in 2014. What is different this year, well aside from the awesome design and feel, their chosen spiritual themeThe Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

In 2015, the have pages devoted on quoting verses on “What the Bible Says About…” love, temptation, etc. In 2016, they have pages talking about God’s character, our identity in Christ, and many others.

This year, they focused on the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22). There is a page called the “Fruit of the Spirit Tree” wherein you assess yourself with the nine (9) virtues: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. On the next page, there is a section wherein you can write down on how you can improve with these nine virtues. And all throughout the planner, you will encounter pages that talk about the Holy Spirit and its fruit, the nine virtues, closely.

Fruit of the Spirit Tree

2017 just started, you still have time to plan and write down your goals. If you want a planner that will address your entire being, spiritual aspect included, Certified Positive Planner is the best choice!

Where to Buy?

You can get your Certified Positive 2017 Planner at their online shop HERE for Php 589 only and its payable via Paypal, Credit Card, or Bank Deposit. You can also visit their Facebook Page for updates on availability and promos.

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  • Emma

    Wow! you really are certified positive! I am not really a planner person, I guess that shows my being spontaneous. 🙂 I do love Certified Positive planner though and I would prefer this over the other planners I have seen :).

  • ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily

    It’s one thing to use just any planner, but when you find one that you really like, it makes it so much better. As a matter of fact, it makes you want to use it because of the extras. Now some people who do have the same planner may choose not to use the other parts, the extras you mentioned. Pero that would be a case of not finding the right planner. As for you, because you maximize, then the returns means you are not only on track of your schedules, but also others such as tracking expenses.

  • Nya

    The Certified Positive Planner looks like a good planner indeed, I spend a fairly amount to chose the right planner for me if I have to be honest. It’s something important because it keeps you motivated. With that being said, I already got my planner for this year, it’s focused on being productive, since I have an exciting and new project in this new phase of my life 🙂 Enjoy your planner and have a beautiful year!

  • Veeyah | The Indy Miss

    Wow! I haven’t heard of the Certified planner before this post! It looks very spacious, and looks like something to help you more on your spiritual journey throughout the year. Have you tried the Faith planner? It’s a locally produced planner that offers the same spiritual guides like this one, but the former uses springs. 🙂 I’m currently settled with my DYL and ABC Daily planners.

  • Maria

    I guess this is a really nice planner. I’ve been exposed to planners ever since my mom introduced to me but I never really was able to fully utilize one. I’d end up using it as a journal or a canvas. There are features that I like, however, I don’t see myself using one. I guess, we’re not meant to be? But, hope you have a fruitful 2017!

  • Teresa Dumadag

    It’s a wonderful planner, indeed. I like that it covers the spiritual aspect also. Like what you said, we seldom find those kinds of planners. That is also one reason I designed my own planning pages years ago. I designed it based on my needs and the strategies that helped me succeed in achieving my life goals year after year. You might want to check it out also. It has the year, month, week and day views, too. It’s available as a set or per page. Here is the link:

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