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Izea, Inc., one of internet’s leading companies on blog advertising and blog promotion, has come up with the newest way to earn online. SocialSpark is another innovative way for a blogger to earn more with his or her blog without the worry of having a page rank or not.
SocialSpark allows bloggers and advertisers to communicate with each other. It also allows the blogger to become an advertiser too by creating his or her own spark. Since the word social is found, it definitely means that at SocialSpark, everyone has a profile that acts as your front page to the world as a way to socialize not only with advertisers but also with fellow bloggers. You can leave a comment and cast a vote for the advertiser and even for the bloggers. Here is my blogger profile.

SocialSpark has many tasks available. You can browse and choose from the marketplace and wait for a slot to write on that certain opportunity but still it depends on the advertiser’s requirements if your blog or blogs are qualified or not. If you get a task, you will be emailed informing about this and will be given 12 hours to complete. All tasks contain “nofollow” links. So, it would be safe for the blogger who is worried about his or her blogs status in the eyes of search engines.

So, if you haven’t tried SocialSpark. I guess you should and earn more friends along the way!

This post has been benefited out of the generosity of Pay Per Post for SocialSpark.

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