Join My Thanksgiving Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

I know most of you have been waiting for my Thanksgiving Giveaway. So finally, it is here!! Yay!!

Anyway, why launch a Thanksgiving Giveaway?! Well, I have a lot of things to be thankful for especially this life I have now and I also felt blessed in many ways that I wanted to share them in a form of a giveway to all my blog readers, followers and friends!

Speaking about blessings, here are some of the major ones that I am THANKFUL for…

Bella Grace, my youngest daughter, was born with hernia. She was in pain because her left ovary was sandwiched at the muscles near her left leg. We didn’t have financial resources to get her operated but thank God, there were many people who helped her. Most of her Godmothers contributed for her surgery fund and so as many of our blogger friends online. Her operation was successful last August 2010. Her hernia was fixed and she can now move freely without pain or whatsoever! Praise God!

This blog, Pinay Mommy Online, started last November 28, 2007 with an about me post and got its domain last January 28, 2008. So that means this blog is celebrating its THIRD YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY! Can I hear another cheer for that? Yahoo!! Aside from that, after two years without page rank, this blog finally got a Page Rank of Three! Hip! Hip! Hurray!!

One more thing… I am not sure to include this but hey, I think it deserved to be celebrated too. I got married last January 28, 2000. So that means… today is our 11th Wedding Anniversary! Teehee! πŸ˜€

Now, let us go to the giveaway proper but before we give out the mechanics, what are the prizes to be won?? Are they big?? Well, they are indeed big! Big! Big!

For the First Prize Winner:
$100.00 Cash!
Wordpress/Blogger Make-Over
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

For the Second Prize Winner:
$50.00 Cash!
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

For the Third Prize Winner:
$30.00 Cash!
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

Special Prize Winner: Most Number of Referred Giveaway Participants
$20.00 Cash
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

Now, what are the mechanics?? Simple…

Required Entry: 5 Points
1. Write a blog post telling about the things that you are thankful for from last year, right now or anything as long as you are thankful for it.
2. Under your blog post, you must include links of all sponsors. You can grab the HTML codes for this HERE.
3. Submit your blog post entry HERE.

Optional Entries:
1. If you want to refer participants to this giveaway, just tell them to put the email address you used to register at the Giveaway Form at the β€œReferred By” field.
2. Follow this blog using Google Friend Connect. – 1 Point
3. Follow me at Twitter at – 1 Point

Some rules to remember…

1. Blog posts must be do follow. Only blogger, free wordpress, self-hosted wordpress and tumblr blogs are allowed to join. πŸ˜€
2. After submitting your entry, leave a comment telling me that you have joined officially.
3. A blogger can join multiple times using different blogs as long as the blog is at least 3 months old, has 10 posts and the things that he/she is thankful for are different in each post. No COPY PASTE entries to different blogs!
4. Open worldwide as long as you have a Verified Paypal account.
5. Sponsors can join too.
6. This giveaway is officially open for entries today and will end on February 15, 2011.

Thanks for joining and I hope you spread the word to everyone!!! I would like to thank also the sponsors who made this one feasible!!! πŸ˜€

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