Joined the First Commenter Club

Genie Pricess, Maurica, started to give additional linky love to the first person who comments at her Star Post last year. After awhile, many of her closest and dearest friends started the same thing. So, to make it more official, GP decided to launch the First Commenter Club together with her friend Lady Java.

First Commenter Club

Now the club is open to 100 blogs only. I got lucky I was able to join as the 18th blog on the list. Therefore, starting this March 2009, aside from my blog being a do follow blog, I will be adding an additional link love to the first person who comments at my Star Post. So every time you see an asterisk (*) at the end of my post title, it means that when you comment on it and you end up as the first commenter, you will have an additional linky love at the bottom of my post!

Aside from that, I will also give additional linky love to my Top 5 monthly commenters. So, aside from being the first, you can get additional linky love if you comment the more at my blog. Isn’t that nice?

So, start following my blog now and get additional linky love for your blog!

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13 thoughts on “Joined the First Commenter Club

  1. ma’am rubz, it’s nice that your friend is having this club…fortunately for me I only get to the internet at night. Only in several occasions can i blog in the morning…hope to join but as of now I am transferring my blog to it’s own domain…good luck with your endeavors..

  2. Don’t worry guys, you can still join since most members are active during night at our time zone. So, you can still grab some few first commenter spots. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi, can you elaborate more about this club. I want to know more about this club. And I visited your other site. That’s where I got isabelmarco and hoping they will pay. its been too long since I cashed out my earnings.

  4. Thank you for visiting me guys! I am glad you have stopped by even though I was silent for the past few days. πŸ™‚

    @ Francis: Just click on the banner to join. πŸ˜‰

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