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I am not really into fashionable clothes or even try to become a trendsetter. I just enjoy wearing simple clothes with a little fashion jewelry to go with it. But when I started to work in a fashion related company, I have no choice but dress up myself and go on with the tide because it was required by us.
Since I have no uniform and holds a position with great responsibility, I was required to look the best as always and as fashionable as always. I wear 3 to 4 inches heels and fashion jewelries that matches the color of my blouse. I even make it to a point that even my hand bag matches too!Anyway, gone were the days of fashionable lifestyle, I have decided to take a much challenging career – to become a stay at home mommy! Though lately, it has become more challenging with the advent of all trials and sufferings, I just felt that I am getting near to self fulfillment as one. Besides, no matter how they put me down, I always manage to get up and earn a little sometimes. So in every accomplishment, though I am no longer working, I sometimes gift myself some PC gadgets or upgrades and sometimes a little fashion jewelry to remember simple milestones.

Since I am nearing my blog’s one year anniversary, I thought of getting a pink fashion jewelry necklace at www.qualityfashionjewelry.com. I saw one there and I hope it would be available for buying next month. ^_^

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