Just in Case


It’s been awhile since I have planned to get my own insurance policy. My interest started when I was still working about a few years ago. I wanted to get another one aside from the government required. So, I visited an office near from my work and asked for an insurance quote. They were very happy and provided me with everything that I wanted to know.

That happened before I got pregnant last 2007. But when my baby died inside my womb, I was terribly depressed and became sickly. That is why I decided to resign from my work two months later and pursued my current career as a stay at home mommy and wife.

Now, that I am working from home, I still want to get an insurance policy not that I have the money to pay for it but I think it would benefit my children when emergency situation comes. As a mom, I believe that it’s our responsibility to take care of our children especially if we are taken from them abruptly (God forbid!).

But if I can’t get one that suits my budget, I might probably reactivate my SSS contributions so that my children will get something (just in case) even how little. What do you think?

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