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Benefits from KanGuard Accident Insurance from FWD

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A few days ago, I blog about buying my first accident insurance online via FWD Insurance. The process was easy and hassle-free that I was able to finish all of it in a few minutes. You can pay via debit or credit card. And guess what?  I got my policy number at the end of the process. It was really fast!

But the reason why I bought KanGuard is not that it was convenient for me but because of the amazing benefits with a few exclusions. For the amount of 1799 pesos, I get to avail of the following for a year…

  • Cash benefit for my family of 500,000 pesos in case of an accidental death up to age 55.
  • In case of permanent disablement due to a terror attack, I will still get the 500,000 pesos.
  • On top of that, I can also get an Assist America global emergency services!

Having to know that my family or even I will have something in case of emergency, makes me feel secure inside. If you are interested to know more about KanGuard from FWD Insurance or their other products you can buy online, simply visit their website. I assure you that buying from them is easy as 1-2-3!

By the way, here are the other products they offer – KanMend and KanLive. KanMend is protection against 42 critical illness and 6 months unlimited telemedicine reward. While KanLive is a life insurance starter pack with a 1-year unlimited consult at Aventus clinics. Click on the photo to know more about these products.

If I KanDuu it, you KanDuu it, too! Keep your peace of mind, get your family secured today!

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