Katas ng Adsense

I received my first Google Adsense payment today. It is not that big but finally I have received what I have earned from them. Below is a snap shot of my payment:

After receiving my first payout, I treated my family to a swimming escapades at Palmas del Mar Beach and Hotel. You can view the photos of our family day HERE.

6 thoughts on “Katas ng Adsense

  1. congrats Mommy Rubs! your kids had so much fun! sana payout every month ano? hehehe…mine, it took 18 months before I reached the minimum payout. I’m glad d ganun katagal ang sayo. 🙂

  2. Hi Mommy ruby.. congratulations on your payment from adsense.. I’ve already recieved two but this year earning are way too low.. just nearing the 3rd payment though.. so good luck for plenty of more checks 🙂

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