Keep the Spark Alive During a Long Distance Relationship


Being in a long distance relationship is tough. Everybody who is in one knows that. And the hardest thing to accomplish is to actually preserve the relationship as fresh as possible, to keep the fire of love still burning. This is especially difficult for international couples, lovers, who are divided by thousands of miles. Such relationships usually start while one of the people in the relationship is on vacation in the other one’s home country and this is where they meet and fall in love with each other. However, it’s not always possible to move to a foreign country so fast, even for something as powerful as love. So, up to the point where the two lovers actually get to live together, they have to endure the ‘nightmare’ known as a long distance relationship. Maintaining the mutual feelings strong is sometimes a ‘mission impossible’, but if you would like to do so, take notice of the following ideas.
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Be open to each other and talk things over beforehand. This way you will ‘set the rules’ and will both make it clear for each other what you want to get out of this relationship. Make sure that both of you are willing to ‘participate in such a relationship’, rather than imposing pressure on the person next to you.
Try to do as many things together as possible. The fact that you are away does not mean that you can not engage in various activities together. For example, watching a movie/TV show simultaneously. Or read a book together and discuss the plot, the story, etc. Keep in touch as often as possible. The best way of doing so? Modern technology, of course. Talk over the telephone, exchange texts, and, the best of them all, web-cam! This magnificent device allows you not only to hear each other, but also to see the face of the person you love. However, do not forget about the ‘old-fashioned’ method – ordinary mail. Send your significant other letters which you can perfume or even ‘stamp’ kisses on. And not to forget packages with small gifts.

Do your best to avoid temptation.

Keep the spark alive…2Being so many miles away from each other, you need to know that temptation is everywhere, in the form of people from the opposite sex. Yes, there will be difficulties along the way, but if you want this relationship to work out, you need to do your best in order to try and shun such temptations. Being in a long distance relationship means taking a big risk in this aspect. That’s why you will also have to avoid jealousy. Don’t start conflicts over minor things. Try not to interrogate your partner whenever s/he is out with friends. A lot of relationships fall apart because of groundless jealousy. If you trust each other, there is nothing that can go wrong. Challenge each other. Use the time away in order to perfect yourselves in some activities – become a better cook, exercise more, etc. Find new hobbies which will not only occupy your free time, but also give you something to talk about.
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Talk about the future. Assuming that you will want to live together as soon as possible, engage in conversations about your future plans. This will make each other see that you are in a relationship where both partners have serious intentions towards each other. Keep a positive mental attitude. Concentrate on the positive aspects of being away from each other (as little as they might be) – having more time for friends, family, your hobby, your career. Plus, being away will also teach you how to communicate better. Distance also helps the heart grow fonder. It is a cliché, but it is true. Make as many visits to each other as possible. It is true that this has mainly to do with time and budget, but whenever you have the opportunity – do take advantage of it.

While being the most dreadful thing in a relationship, being away from each other is also the strongest test a relationship can have. Once you endure it, be sure that you will be capable of facing all other sorts of difficulties. Written for Twickenham moving firm

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