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construction building houseHere are five reasons why hiring a licensed professional contractor is money well spent.

It’s no secret that hiring licensed contractors costs more than hiring amateurs or doing a job yourself. If you have children in the house, though, the cost of the service is secondary to their safety. Here are five reasons why hiring a licensed professional is money well spent.

1. Contractors Must Adhere to Safety Standards

An electrician, for example, has to stand behind the work they do. Every job they do, no matter how large or small, must conform to or exceed industry safety standards. An electrician has all the tools they need to do a job right and enough experience to make it safe. When they’re done, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your electricity supply is safe for kids.

2. Licensed Contractors Work Safely

roofingLet’s say you’re having your roof repaired or replaced. An amateur may be able to do the work for you, but can you trust them to work safely? Even a single roof tile or small tool can do a lot of damage if it falls off the roof and strikes a child playing below. Find a licensed roofing contractor who knows how to work safely and also knows their reputation depends on their safe work practices.

3. Licensed Contractors are insured

Who is responsible if an accident occurs while someone is working on your property? If they are unable to pay for the damage or injury, you are. Licensed contractors are fully insured, so in the unlikely event an accident does occur, you know your children will get the best care.

4. Contractors are Professionals

Licensed contractors take a professional approach to every job they do. They know it’s in their interest to take your children’s safety into consideration. They will make a work area a child-free zone and take precautions against children playing with their tools. They will also discuss any important safety issues with you before they start working.

5. Licensed Contractors Know How to Handle Hazardous Materials

Some types of floor finishes contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs release hazardous fumes when freshly applied. Your painting or floor finishing contractor will know this and wear protective clothing, eyewear and a breathing apparatus when working with these chemicals. They will also make it their policy to inform you in advance, giving you and the children time to make arrangements to be out of the house until it is safe to return.

Many older homes still contain asbestos. Asbestos is only safe as long as it remains undisturbed. If a contractor has to work around or remove asbestos, they must have a license that shows they know how to work with and dispose of asbestos.

It takes years of training to qualify for a contractor’s license. Anyone who doesn’t have a contractor’s license isn’t conscientious or skilled enough to trust in and around your home, especially when children are added to the equation. Don’t take chances: only hired licensed contractors.

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