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Did you know that a toilet that is free of evident dirt on the surface or smells nice doesn’t always warranty that it is germ-free? A lot of parents actually thought that.  Even if it doesn’t look it, most toilets have bacteria that may harm your family and become the source of the following diseases such as diarrhea, gut infections, flu, and eye infections like conjunctivitis.

The Philippine Public Health Association has specified that there are a lot of germs found in toilets that were apparently clean-looking. They cited that in order to stay clear of germs that may possibly place your family at health risk, a toilet bleach that meticulously cleans germs is indispensable to keep around the house.

Domex Extra Thick Bleach

Domex Extra Thick Bleach

There are certain aspects to consider when selecting an effective toilet cleaner. To make things easier for us mothers, the following are well-thought-out as the most imperative: the cleaner that kills germs, has an effective contact time, and has a far reach.

Domex Extra Thick Bleach

Domex Extra Thick Bleach

The brand, Domex, surpasses all these expectations, killing a varied range of germs such as numerous fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Their Domex Extra Thick Bleach is 100 times thicker than the ordinary thin laundry bleach, it can last up to 7 flushes. With other brands, they only last to about 2 flushes. To sum up, Domex makes sure to aim at hard to reach areas in the toilet.

Domex Extra Thick Bleach

A demonstration to test the effectiveness of Domex Extra Thick Bleach.

To learn more about the state of toilet sanitation in the Philippines, Domex has done extensive research in line with World Toilet Day, which was celebrated last November 19.  Unexpectedly, they have learned that 443 million school days – that is about one month of school for every child – are missed because of the diseases caused by unhygienic toilets.

Upon understanding this, Domex dedicated themselves to fighting diseases through their partnerships with Maxicare, Philippine Public Health Association, and Unicef. For the past 3 years, they have also been joining in the One Million Clean Toilets movement, where they promised to teach 1 million individuals on what is the proper way of cleaning toilets really is.

Host Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

Host Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

This year, Domex aimed higher by targeting moms to encourage them to be the prominent frontrunners in achieving cleaner toilets for their families. The brand wanted to stress that everything  as well as proper sanitation – starts at home. They held an event to help promote this awareness with host Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, a mother herself.

During the event, a demonstration was held to test the effectiveness of Domex Extra Thick Bleach. The audience, wherein many of them where moms like me, has clearly concluded that Domex is a brand that moms can surely trust.

Domex Extra Thick Bleach at 500ml bottle costs around 80 pesos. Surely, a small amount to pay for keeping the family healthy. You can buy Domex Extra Thick Bleach at all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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  • berlin domingo

    We also use Domex at home. I like its smell and its consistency. I also like how the manufacturer designed the container. Very handy. I prefer the thick formulation. We use it not only inside the comfort room but also on our floors. We have a baby in the house who now catches anything he fancy and puts inside his mouth.

  • Bhusha

    I prefer Domex. When I was living alone, I always used Domex and took pride at how clean my toilet looked. My family is so loyal to another brand and I’m not ok with its strength in making the pot sparkly. Gotta convince my family now to switch over to Domex…

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