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Kinda Regretful

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Five years ago, I had thoughts of going back to school. At that time, I wanted to take up subjects related to my Civil Engineering course and my parents were encouraging me to take up Education or Nursing.

Now, I am back to school taking up Education units so that I will be eligible to take the board exams and become a Secondary School Teacher. Wow! Back then I never took the advice of my parents but now, I insisted of going back to school.

If I think about it right now, I kinda am feeling regretful about it. If had listen to my parents, I might have been in a different world by now. But still, I don’t want to think much about it. I can’t blame myself. I believe I was childish, emotional and very immature back then. I don’t know what is right for me. All I did was get too emotional about something that I think was never meant to be for me.

Oh well, I have no choice. What was done, I can no longer undone. Past is past. I need to move on and pursue what is now before me.

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