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Kindergarten Games that Boost Cognitive Development


Teaching a child to read and improving their literacy skills is something that many parents feel is exceptionally important. However, what some parents don’t realize is that there are other ways to help children develop their reading talents beyond books. In fact, there are a number of kindergarten games that can be used in combination with books to provide kids with an optimal learning experience.

Some of the best kindergarten games to help children become more confident readers are those that focus on enhancing a child’s cognitive development. This is a process through which children improve their ability to learn, think, reason, take and apply meaning to the world that exists around them. Reading is a cognitive activity, which means kids need to know more than simply how letters sound. In addition, they need to know how to bring together their knowledge of letters with other signs that exist inside and outside of words in order to become efficient readers.

Ideal kindergarten games for reading are those that encourage the use of an extensive range of critical-thinking and problem solving techniques, such as: attention and focus, successive processing, simultaneous processing, working memory, planning, visualization and comprehension to name a few. Playing interactive games online that have been designed to boost the brain and make learning fun, is a fantastic way to advance a child’s literacy level.


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shydub December 23, 2010 - 10:05 am

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I’m continuously looking for online games for my nephew and these tips would really be helpful.


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