Know Your Rights!

At one time or another, you might have fallen victim to abusive debt collectors. If you have things you pay for on a monthly basis – credit card bills, car loan, mortgage, and student loan – you probably have been the recipient of collection calls even if you are just a day late in paying what is due.

But did you know that as a consumer, you actually have a right and that is your right to be spared from undue stress and abuse caused by inconsiderate debt collectors? Yes, there is what we call the Fair Debt Collection act. Through this law that has been enacted, consumers can approach a lawyer and ask for protection against unscrupulous debt collectors.

Most debt collectors thrive on stepping on the dignity and rights of debtors but through the Fair Debt Collection act, collectors are enforced to comply with all legal requirements that respect a debtor’s rights.

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  1. So far, it didn't happen to me. But I get a lot of junk mails telling me that I am pre-approved for a credit card account. Debit card is better that way, I can see how much to spend or how much I have to save.

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