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We went kung fu figthing with my kiddos last Friday with my father and their cousin. They all enjoyed watching the movie Kung Fu Panda, and of course, so was I. Almost all people laughed at the cinema with all the comedic dialogues and action sequences of the movie.Since it was a simultaneous worldwide showing, they gave paper visor caps and stickers. I got only one visor caps since we watched the last full show. But we did get several stickers with it. The kiddos were delighted.

I made a post about this last month on how I really am looking forward in watching this movie. Of course, Dreamworks didn’t disappoint me! They always bring out the best in 3D animation. By the way, you will noticed that Jackie Chan didn’t spoke that much on the movie, only Angelina Jolie and Lucy Lu did. But it doesn’t matter, the movie was great!Afterwards, we went to McDonalds and bought five Happy Meals to get Kung Fu Panda toys. When we arrived at home. We ate and my children played their toys to sleep.

I was glad they loved the movie and the toys. Giving them that treat was possible because I was able to receive some pay from my blogging works last MAY 2008. After paying some bills that took 90% of my pay, glad the 10% brought joy and excitement to my kiddo’s day.

By the way, the image above was edited from the wallpaper download I got from Google. Yup! Your hunch is right, my desktop is no longer Bumblebee of Transformers but PO of Kung Fu Panda – the dragon warrior!!

Next in line would be MADARASCAR II: Escape to Africa. HEHEHE… I’m a kid when it comes to 3D animations!
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Cielo June 9, 2008 - 1:22 am

i am happy that you are enjoying the company of your kids…and YOURSELF as well. Take time to HEAL, GOD will lead you…


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