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Kuya Fish Campaign Summer T.I.D.E. 2016 Activities

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I got to know Kuya Fish Campaign through Kris. I met her online a few years back. We met in person a few times more since we move around the same circle of friends and we go to the same church. This gal has a big heart for volunteerism. I admire her undying love in helping children especially those coming from unfortunate circumstances.

Kuya Fish Campaign started during the Sendong tragedy here in our city. With her friends from Japan, they all pioneered Kuya Fish Campaign. They formed a group of young individuals who do volunteerism. Since the time of Sendong and up until now, they do volunteer works by helping and teaching children almost all-year-round. These selfless gals are admirable!

Though I am not young, I told Kris I am going to volunteer together with my eldest daughter last year. But due to some circumstances, we weren’t able to fulfill our intent.

Finally, just yesterday, my daughter and I were able to volunteer after all these months. Kris wasn’t there, but we were able to met Nad, who is currently leading the Summer T.I.D.E. (Training Individuals for Development and Enjoyment) 2016 activities, and a lot of young volunteers. They teach academics during Tuesdays and recreational stuffs during Thursday. Since it was Thursday, they taught recreational classes. This covers singing, dancing, and arts. Since I am not good in singing and dancing, I volunteered for the arts class. So did my daughter who is good in artsy thingies.

The art class team was composed of Asi, Diane, Rose, my daughter and me. Asi and Diane are architecture students from Mindanao University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.). Rose was my daughter’s Grade 6 classmate. Both are incoming Senior High School students also in M.U.S.T. And of course me, who is times two of their average ages!

The class started with a prayer, a short storytelling, and then the art activity. There were at least 20 kids inside the room. They vary from preschool to elementary aged students. Everybody was attentive and all had fun.

Next Tuesday, they will have academics. If will focus on reading, writing, and basic Math. I am planning to volunteer again with my daughter. Kuya Fish Campaign Summer T.I.D.E. activities will last until the second week of May 2016. And my daughter and I are planning to be a part of it!

To know more about Kuya Fish Campaign and how you can help these young people with their cause, checkout their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/kuyafishcampaigninc/ today!

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