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Last Minute Errands Before April

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We’re all set for our move back to CDO in April. Except for a few loose odds and ends that we need to settle, we’re all ready to take the journey home. Living in Bacolod for almost 8 years was a tremendous experience but it’s time to go home and start a new chapter in our lives.

I still need to buy some things for the house though. I still need to look at some medicine cabinets, preferably one that doubles as a bathroom organizer. Of course, that’s not an immediate concern. I can always buy that in one of the stores in CDO.

I guess what I need to do right now is make a list of things I need to buy as soon as possible and divide them into two parts. One list would contain the things I need to buy immediately while the other list could contain the things that can wait until we got to CDO. That’s the life of a busy mom.

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maricar March 23, 2011 - 4:50 pm

hi mommy,

it saddens me you’re leaving bacolod… even if we’re not that super close, we’ve had our moments and sure glad I met you… hopefully we can still keep in touch kahit na balik CDO ka na. God Bless you. hugs!


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