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Laws for Maritime Injury

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A friend of mine called me up telling me that her husband suffered an injury while on board the ship where he’s working. She seemed a bit problematic and I assumed because her husband was new on the job and they still have no idea how things operate on cruise ships as far as employee benefits against injuries and accidents is concerned.

I told her that she need not worry because all maritime workers and seamen are backed by Maritime injury laws. Since their place of work is considered high risk, there are several provisions for them to ensure that they get what they deserve should they meet an accident or suffer from an injury. One of these laws is the Jones Act which states that seamen can seek compensation for injuries resulting from the negligence of their employers or co-workers during the course of their employment on a vessel.

Right after I told her that, she became more at ease and told me she would ask her husband if he’s even aware of that law. I just hope everything works out well for them.

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