Lazy Me, Please Forgive Me!


Hello guys! It’s been awhile since I posted here. I am quite uncomfortable blogging back again. My hubby’s boarding house is so hot and I am not yet accustomed in using my laptop and the Operating System it has. With these factors surrounding me, I felt so tired and lazy. Aside from that, there are some depressing factors that caused me to feel these things.
I wish to blog about it but I don’t felt like thinking what words to use. I am in the state of laziness, so please forgive me. Anyway, my blogger’s leave contest is about to end. Those who haven’t joined, please take time to read the mechanics here. I hope you can join since it’s really simple.By the way, my first year anniversary is about to start. So, I am calling for more sponsors, please see the details here.

I will try to blog later this week. I haven’t installed my PhotoShop CS3 which will be another adjustment again. Hays! So ultimate laziness…

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