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Learning from Debts


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Who doesn’t have any debts here? Well, probably some of my readers don’t have any but as for me, I have tons of debts that it is so overwhelming that sometimes I just want to get stuck in bed sleeping and not think of it for at least a moment.

Anyway, how did I accumulate too much debt? One thing for sure, I got married at a young age. I lacked the capability to be financially wise. Aside from that, I was impulsive back then. Therefore, I lacked financial management skills. Then, fast forward to my nearer past, I resigned from work having four credit cards in my possession and my husband had 15K as gross salary per month and we were renting at that time. So, imagine how we consumed my credit cards just to get by our daily needs.

Fast forward today, I still have debts but thank God, I am getting by. The years have made me wiser. God has allowed me to learn from my mistakes. I am not saying that my life is smooth sailing because I can’t still sleep soundly with my debts. What I am saying is… God has provided wisdom on how to get by and be able to pay. I have learned a lot of financial principles that have been there since time immemorial but I only learned to know about it – the hard way!

Anyway, I am planning to share these experiences, principles and how I plan to be debt-free in life. I have created a blog specifically for this at The Pink Piggy. I haven’t updated the blog yet because of my busy schedule but someday, I will write informative posts there. See you!!


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The Average Jane August 13, 2011 - 3:24 pm

Kaya yan! Good luck! =)

mela August 17, 2011 - 1:49 pm

oh i hope you will be debt-free soon. goal ko din yan sa family ko next year.

ross @ great credit November 23, 2011 - 8:42 am

credit card debt is so common these days. The avg. interest rate is around 15%. If you just make minimum payments, it can take years before it will be paid off.


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