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Learning from the Past

In the past few years, many unfortunate events had happened to our country and most of these were related to flood or fire. I can’t hold the rain responsible from pouring in and creating havoc since it’s a natural cycle of life but when fire starts burning houses and buildings because of faulty electrical wirings then human error must be blamed.

I remembered many tragic incidents where people was burned alive inside a disco house and trapped inside a department store. Aside from the faulty electrical wirings, both places lack visible exit signs which caused panic among people not knowing where to get out. The disco case was also caused by a wrongly constructed door. It swings open in a one way direction only.

After these tragic events, government where more stricter when it comes to electrical planning, safety constructing and even implementing visible EXIT SIGNS especially in public buildings. Though it caused a lot of lives for everyone to learn from their mistakes, I guess it really contributed to the improvement of making lives safer today and in the coming years.

Exit Signs

By the way, I also learned while working from the Office of the Building Official that there are many types of exit signs. There is one exit sign for every place of use. Like cinemas use Glow in the Dark Exit Signs while some small stores use Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

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  • arlene

    that is the reason that everytime i go into a building like cinema or theaters, or in a big building wher i stay, hanap talaga ako ng exit so that whatever happens, i alam ko where to go.

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