Learning is Fun with Elevate Results Training & Consulting

Last July 31, 2019, I attended Elevate Results Training & Consulting’s Advanced Sales Training. It was a half-day event at the Dynasty Court Hotel. Since it was a Wednesday, I thought that there will only be a few attendees. But when I arrived, the event was sold out! That alone made me a bit excited! It was a full house!

Then when the training started, I noticed how the trainer, Mr. Elven Camus, was very professional in everything. To be honest, as a trainer myself, I was picking up a lot of ideas from his non-verbal actions already.


The event was dubbed as Advance Sales TrainingHow to Advance Your Selling Skills & Experience Unbelievable Results. At first, I was thinking about how would I apply the skills that I am going to learn when I am not into sales anymore. But then again, I thought I just enjoy the learning.

After the hours have passed, actually nobody noticed how time fast time flew, I have found myself laughing and learning! The content of his training, though was meant for sales, I have found to be useful and relatable in many ways. Since I was into sales before, I have realized that I used a lot of methods that killed the sales even before getting it. And as of now, I also realized that I am still into selling. Maybe I don’t have big and tangible products like those on real estate, but I am selling my services and expertise to many. The training event exceeded my expectation. It was totally worth it! Learning is fun with Elevate Results Training & Consulting!

By the way, the trainer, Mr. Elven Camus, is someone I should say… an EFFECTIVE trainer. Not only that he met renowned legends and leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Peng Joon, Tom Hopkins, Gerry Robert and trained by T Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Larry Gilman and more, but he has the experience and results to back up his training programs. His knowledge and experiences that he shared during the training will totally transform a person effectively in sales if you embrace and apply the principles.

Mr. Elven Camus will be back in Cagayan de Oro City for two more training events this October 2019. And if you’re into sales or your company is into sales, I encourage you to invest in this. The training will be more advanced compared to what I had last month and will be focused more on proven techniques in closing deals and much more. To know more about this training, please like and follow Elevate Results Training & Consulting Facebook Page for updated information about this.

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