Lemon Kiss: Dresses Fit for a Princess

I have three children, 2 girls and one boy. All of them are unique in every way. They have different interests and preferences in everything.

LEMONKISSFor instance, my youngest daughter has her own preferences when it comes to the way she dress herself up. She doesn’t like wearing jeans or shorts. She always prefers wearing dresses. She said that princesses always wear dresses and since she is one, she should be wearing them as well. Awesome logic, right?

Since she’ll be turning 6 years old this year and has grown a bit now, I am planning to get her a dress again. All her old ones are now too short for her or all worn-out.  So, a friend of mine, who is also a blogger like me and has a daughter herself, suggested that I should take a look at Lemon Kiss. She said they have a lot of nice dresses that my youngest would probably love.

My daughter and I checked them immediately out. And true to my friend’s word, my daughter loves their dresses. She is fascinated with the different designs and colors.

So, I let my daughter pick one dress for herself. It took her time to decide. There are a lot of dresses to choose from and I only allowed her to pick one. After a long deliberation of what to get, she ended with this beautiful blue dress. Isn’t it lovely??

Once I’ll get hold of this lovely dress, I will upload a photo of my daughter via Instagram. I will update this post too!

Anyway, if you want to check Lemon Kiss, visit their Facebook Fan Page or better yet, go to any SM Department Store nationwide to check their dresses on display.

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