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Lesson Learned – Be Prepared

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After the onslaught of the two typhoons that affected Philippines, many have been faced with the issues of being prepared for any calamity. Most of the TV programs in our local channel teach on ways how to prepare in case of emergency and what essentials must be done. Last time, I saw a TV program that shares how to prepare an emergency kit. They explained the essential items that must placed inside the kit. The same program also discussed about calamity loans and insurances. They also discussed the importance of getting an insurance quote before buying one for your home or automobiles because some where not paid because acts of God were not included in the policy’s terms.

Anyway, it is always good to learn from the ants. They are always prepared when rainy days come. I myself will prepare an emergency kit for my family. I will do it on our next trip to the grocery store. It always pays to be prepared!

To help typhoon victims in the Philippines, you can always visit the comprehensive list published by Google that can be found HERE.

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