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A Letter of Forgiveness to Someone Who Hurt Me

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This is something to so hard to do because I don’t want to make my emotions public. I want it to keep it to myself or people that I am really close to. But still, I am going to make not only one but two! I am going to make a vague letter of forgiveness to two people who have hurt me immensely. Though it’s vague, my feelings are sincere.

Letter to Mr. X

I think this one is no brainer, but I have decided to conceal his name. I know I have forgiven him because I don’t feel the pain that I felt before whenever I see him or his name. I have moved on. Here’s my letter to him…

letter of forgiveness

Letter to Ms. K

This one is a bit more vague but still a little obvious. I am not being sarcastic here but truly… I have forgiven her sincerely and I have moved on. This is my letter to her…

letter of forgiveness

Forgiveness was a Process

When the Bible said, “bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.” in Colossians 3:13, it was evident that as a Christian we are called to forgive those who hurt us. I am not a perfect person and forgiveness didn’t come to me naturally. It took me years to forgive them but it only took me one decision – the decision to forgive – that helped me cope up with the pain. Every day of every year, with the pain, I continuously forgave these people. Amidst the hurt, I decided to forgive them again and again. I asked God to help me. It was hard but by God’s amazing grace, I was able to do so after many years.

Then the moving on part was next. As I have continuously prayed that I may be able to forgive them, I prayed that I will be able to move on freely without pain. I want to accept that it happened, I was hurt, but I still need to live on and continue with my life. I didn’t want to stay the same. I know God has a plan for me… I need to pursue that plan instead of wallowing in my pain.

When I was writing this letter of forgiveness, I can clearly see his or her face. I was sincere and I thank God that it is all over.

Blogging Challenge 10/30 – DONE!

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