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Sometimes in my depression I felt like I will be dying young. With all this problems and hardships that are pressing on me, I felt like I would not live my life beyond the age of 50. Of course, I do not want to think about it but sometimes I felt like I need to prepare for it.

My children are still young and their father hasn’t changed a bit and still has no sign of changing in the near future. Well, I am not being pessimistic on his case but I think I rather should care about my kids and their future. Just before I decided to resign, I was already planning to buy a life insurance. It was not pursued since I have no idea yet how I am going to pay for the premiums once I resign from work. But now, I am considering of buying an affordable life insurance package from my blog earnings. I know it would take a piece of my draining budget but I guess it would be worth it since I want my kiddos’ future secured when I am gone (not now please!!).Anyway, I kept on surfing online for the best life insurance packages. I guess there are some that we can buy online and covers worldwide. I have been checking on LifeInsure.com. Americans are so lucky to have such a site that can help you get quotes on life insurances packages at the comfort of their homes.

I wish to buy sooner…

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