LIFE is just TOO MUCH for Me!!

In these recent days, my hubby didn’t text me. Well, he did about a few days back when he asked for money. So I decided to text him something provoking because he doesn’t usually reply to a plain “I love you” text message.And guess what?! He replied saying that he loves me and he has an interview going to Saudi!

Well of course, I replied that I don’t want to be rich. All I ever wanted is just for us to be together and live life with our children and what we have. I don’t want him to go to Saudi, his brother is there. The close friend of my hubby’s other woman (he has a daughter with her and the girl is married too!). If he goes there, they can now communicate freely and I don’t want that to happen! Even my hubby is here, he couldn’t be trusted. How much more if he is thousands upon thousands of miles apart?

It’s just so freaking unfair! My aunt called the other day and said there are many jobs in Los Angeles. And you know what? I turned down my aunt’s proposal to help me get work as a teacher there because I valued our marriage but now, he applied for a job to Saudi without me knowing it?! This is soooooooo… making me mad! I admit, I cried and still crying right now. I am so martyr! I am so “boba” (stupid). I love a person who couldn’t even love me enough to sacrifice a complete family. No wonder he wouldn’t want us to go back there. He has other plans.

I have to stop this…I am crying and I couldn’t keep my tears from flowing. I am just so broken hearted right now. I just felt so utterly stupid about myself. I have too much storm in my life already. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I just couldn’t…

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