Life is Moving Too Fast

We all know that life moves very fast nowadays. Everything is done in a faster pace compared to life about 20 to 30 years ago.

As for me, life moves fast too. Sometimes when I check my computer’s clock, I find myself shocked that I already spent 5 hours when I haven’t finished all my tasks online. When I looked at my children, I somehow thought if they were able to experienced toddler years when they are now approaching teen years. This is also the reason why I wished that life should have brembo brakes; so that we could just stop whenever we want to! Pause and take a breather! Because when life moves very fast, you just end up missing a lot of things. 🙁

Anyway, since we could not “pause” life or time, I have thought of one solution to keep up with it. That is by being thankful for each moment we have in life; to cherish each passing day with our loved ones and make the best out of each sunrise and sundown!

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