Lift Yourself Up

Depression can really bring you down. You can be the happiest person in the world one minute, but the next, you are down in the dumps, drowned in your own sorrow. It can happen to anyone, even the richest, sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world. We all have bouts with deep sadness.

You have different ways to lift yourself up. You could go seek to entertain yourself by going to the movies. Or you may go to the salon to get some hair and nail treatments. You may also go to the spa because the massage service makes up feel better and lifts your spirits. You may take a stroll in the park. But perhaps the most effective therapy that women seek for depression is retail therapy. That is probably the most common excuse that women give when they go out and splurge and come back with many bags of fashionable goodies.

Or you could take medication like Effexor. But taking medication should be supervised by a doctor who could give the right brand and the right dosage to avoid overdose. It is tempting to drink more than prescribed especially if depressed. So medications should really be supervised by a doctor.

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