List of Paying Paid to Blog Companies

Most of my friends ask me if I have a comprehensive list of companies that can help them make money with their blogs. And every time that happens, I end up giving link by link. So, I decided to make a short list of all known paying companies and withheld those that are known scams.

So, if you’re engage in blogging for pay, you can update your list of companies right now. You might have joined the others while some are new to you.

The list will open to a new tab or window (and it will have a short advertisement, so please bear with me if I make money along the way *wink*). And if you decide to join, I may receive a small incentive while other companies don’t give any.

• PayU2Blog *been paid (MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE!!)

• Blogsvertise *been paid

• Sponsored Reviews *been paid

• Pay Per Post *been paid

• Social Spark *been paid

• Blog To Profit *been paid
(please use: ruby@pinaymommyonline.com as your referral email)

• iHype *been paid

• Smorty *been paid

• Link Worth *been paid

• Loud Launch *been paid

• Bloggers Review *been paid

• Snap Bomb *been paid

• Contextual Ads *been paid
(please use pinaymommy when you register at their forum)

• Blog 4 Reviews *been paid

• Blogging Ads *been paid

• Link from Blog *been paid

Thank you in advance for joining these companies. 😀

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10 thoughts on “List of Paying Paid to Blog Companies

  1. Thanks for sharing mommy Ruby! I registered in most of these sites but am only active now on 3 sites. Smorty was good tani but i duno why it stopped giving assignments. PPP nice pud unta but mo conflict sa PayU. Am doing ok pud with dneero but wala pa jud ko ka wdraw. wala pa ko kaabot ug 20 dollars. hahaha

    anyway, this is a good list and for those who are just starting, this is really a big help.

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