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Liven Up Your Whole Wardrobe with Just One Accessory: A Scarf!


scarfThis is a guest post from Caroline, a writer on OnBetterTerms. OnBetterTerms is a personal finance blog run by a personal loan provider, AvantCredit.

No room in your budget for a new wardrobe this season? Just liven up what you already have with one strategic accessory! Don’t worry — you only need one of the above in your favourite colour. And it can be any style, any brand, and any price that works for you. Here’s three ways a scarf can help inject some new personality into your closet…

As a shawl

Tired of your cardigans and sweaters, but still need to cover up this fall? Use a scarf as a shawl to keep warm and spice up your outfit. You can wrap it like a cowl neck for on-trend warmth, or even as a cape or poncho. Instead of merely a scarf around your neck, you now have your shoulders, back, and chest covered — a brand new outerwear piece without the extra cost.

As a skirt over leggings

This is great for when you’re travelling, especially. Leggings in a solid colour with your scarf wrapped around your waist (or higher) makes it look as though you got a brand new skirt (of adjustable length). Adjust the wrap until you feel comfortable with the slit — you might not have a slit at all if your scarf is large enough. A chunky sweater over top and you’ve got an instant outfit.

As a belt

Wrapping the scarf around your waist as a thick, obi-inspired belt or sash can take a plain dress or top to the next level. It creates a flattering empire waist, and depending on the length of your scarf, it can give you a pretty sash, too.

As a headscarf

Don’t underestimate the power of headwear. Whether the sun is high and hot or the wind is looking to wreak havoc on your hair, tying your scarf around your head can help you stay fashionably in control. Take inspiration from Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, and Jackie O, or scrunch it up and wear it as a headband only.

Of course, I’m leaving out the most obvious option: wear your scarf as a scarf! Check out this great video on 25 different ways to wear a scarf.

One accessory — countless looks. You can get even more mileage out of this trick by finding a scarf that has a different pattern or shade on each side. Get creative!

Want more tips on how to liven up your wardrobe with no budget? Visit my frugal fashion posts on OnBetterTerms today.


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Camella Tagum August 21, 2013 - 2:52 pm

How amazing! a scarf for different purpose and uses?How creative of the author of this article for she post this one.this is a grate example of creativity and fashion.

Cielo of Brown Pinay August 26, 2013 - 6:23 pm

Staple ang scarf sa akin sis, sa office I have this always…kaya suma tutal pag Xmas ito ang nireregalo sa akin hehhehe


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