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Living the Life of a Night Owl


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Last August 8, 2009, we have officially transferred to our new home. Then a few days later, August 10, I got my internet connection installed at our new abode. Starting that day, I always fell angered and upset with my internet connection. I could not work directly because my connection goes on and off. My browser messages were always “Network Connection Timed Out.” It was really frustrating!

When August 12, 2009 came, everyone was having problems with their internet connection because of the damage that was made to the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2. The cut affected all communications companies thus making the World Wide Web access slower or to no connection at all. Some thought that my complain was related to that but it wasn’t because after the repair of APCN 2, mine was still the same and forever making me red in frustration.

So, I called Smart Broadband Customer Service and complained about it. The next few days, a technician came and check my connection. They told me that sometimes a virus can affect my internet access. Because of that statement, I told them to run my anti-virus software in full. After the scan was completed, 30 plus Trojans were found and deleted but still my connection is a great disappointment!

The technician advised me that I should buy a 10 feet ½ radius conduit steel pipe and a #16 metal wire. He said my problem might be caused by the interference of blockages between the base station and my internet antenna. Then if I have the materials ready, I will just text him and he will install it for me. So, I asked him where I should pay for the services of the installation, he replied that I should pay him. After hearing that, I felt that it sounded so wrong. So, I decided not to buy the materials yet and besides, I don’t have the budget for it as of the moment.

Anyway, I noticed that when I access the internet between 12mn to 6am, I get much lesser incident of a “Network Timed Out” messages. Though I don’t have a fast connection just like what I experienced before in my previous apartment (which is a few blocks away from the Smart Broadband base station), I can work continuously at dawn. And because of this, I find myself living the life of a night owl again. I stay up very late and sleep during day time which is usually one morning nap and one afternoon nap.

So, does this mean that my current base station wherein I am getting my internet access is so crowded during day time? Could this be the reason why I am getting a wonky connection? Oh well, I don’t have the answers right now but hopefully when an extra budget comes out, I would know if this is true. As of the moment, I want to have my internet antenna raised few feet more to rule out the theory about the blockages (trees, buildings, etc.) between the base station and mine.

Oh well, if I will still have the same connection problems after my internet antenna has been raised, I think I have no choice but to wait for my lock-in period with Smart Broadband to expire this coming December 2009. After that, I have to apply for my reinstallation of PLDT myDSL connection which I have discontinued when I decided to go home to Cagayan de Oro last June 2008.

As for now, living the life of a night owl is a choice I have to settle with. Besides my OB told me that it’s OK to stay-up late if I get all the rest I can during day time. All that matters is the rest that I will be getting to compensate my night life!


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gengen August 20, 2009 - 11:45 pm

Na mommy mag-ana pod ko dugay sleep sa night pagkaadlaw na magsipok ako ulo kay di man ko ka nap kay naa ko gibantayan duha ka bata hay…Ingat diha.

gengen August 20, 2009 - 11:46 pm

God bless mommy…

gengen August 20, 2009 - 11:46 pm

sige hapit ra ko diri read sa updates nimo…ana man akoa connection usahay.


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