Looking for My 100 EntreCard Droplist

To be honest, I can’t visit 300 blogs in one day per blogs of mine. I have many other things to do aside from blog dropping (write blog opps, tweaking my blog, PTC and my children is quite a handful already). So, if you are interested to be added in my EntreCard droplist, just leave a comment below. I am looking for 100 URLs from mommy bloggers, digital scrappers, money making blogs and blogs that talks about page rank and SEO. That is where I am really interested. I am planning to read and drop. Not just drop, drop and drop. And you can drop back at me too…. By the way, if you don’t have an EntreCard widget on your blog. I will delete your link.

26 thoughts on “Looking for My 100 EntreCard Droplist

  1. added you already pamps!! thanks for joining.

    and to all who got listed thanks!! expect me every now and then…

  2. Hi. I just wrote a blog post about the project which is posted here.

    Now, I’m off to drop some cards, add some favorites and subscribe to some blog feeds

    Orient Lodge

  3. pm, how are you? include me in your entrecard droplist if its ok with you. been busy lately with other business in the outside world. hehehe.. cyah!

  4. mommy, add mo ako…



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