Lost My Passion for Blogging


Yes… it’s been awhile since I felt that I have lost my love for blogging and particularly posting on this blog and the other pioneer blogs of mine. I felt that blogging have become a responsibility and not because of passion anymore. For me, blogging felt like work. Though I don’t have a boss, I felt that I should boss myself around because if I don’t my family will be left hungry and needs unmet.

Now, crazy as it seems, I have been blogging but not here or any of my old blogs. I have been doing it at my other blogs whom I fondly call vanity blogs. Why vanity blogs? Because they are not earning blogs, all I do is spend money on it (domain, hosting and makeover) but not getting anything in return. If I were a business man, I would have been a total failure. LOL!!

Anyway, I don’t know what prompted me but I have decided to bring back my first love… not only blogging as in blogging alone but I decided that I should bring the passion back in posting in my old blog… particularly in this blog – Pinay Mommy Online. I felt that I owe this blog a lot and I should not neglect it and even the others… yes… I am posting but sometimes, though it is hard to admit but I have been posting without passion and sometimes they are not my thoughts… 🙁

As I recalled, I always post with passion and excitement. My posts were ranging from 150 to 1500 words and creativity was always there (based on my own standards). There were no days that I didn’t post and in some days, I posted more than once and even up to 5 times!

I want that back! I want that passion back! I want to be zealous not motivated by money but motivated by the love of blogging, my friends, my readers and my visitors… I want myself back!


Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • analou

    That’s what also I felt sometimes sis kaya naman ang daming opps na denecline ko. It was fun blogging at first and lately I find it taking a lot of time after work. Na-prepresure na ako.

    Right now, If I don’t like writing an opps decline agad. Good thing about my situation is I have a full-time job. No matter what will happen to my PR it doesn’t affect me that much. I still want to keep my blogs. Having three blogs are too way too many. I should have stick to one. SO for now, I just try my best to keep my blogs running.

    Good Luck sis.

  • zoan

    ang ganda naman ng New Blog Design mo, I mean, the way you tweak it! tsaka ako din, last year sobrang into blogging, tapos ngayon parang na pre-pressure na ako 🙁

  • Mommy-Jheng (Jadeingua)

    I think Mommy you just need a break from everything that’s been bothering you. Lift up everything to HIM, and everything will fall into its right place.GOD bless!

  • Cielo of Brown Pinay

    I totally understand you sis…when passion turns into obligation there are times that it is a bitter sweet struggle to battle the lost of passion..but do not ever forget this blog of yours since this is YOU…this is where U started….

  • Tina

    I feel the same way as you Mommy Rubz.. its really getting me busier and busier everyday. We need a break Mommy Rubz. tara na – pa spa tayo! 🙂

  • Mars @ The Life Encounters

    I understand what you mean here sis! Personally I don’t have much opps yet, but whenever I get one, I make sure it’s something related to my own parin… And I don’t make it to a point that I’m pressured to do the task. Enjoy lang. 🙂

  • genny

    same with mine, i felt pressured and not enjoying it anymore. but I still do it because to write is what i like to do and one of my passions in life,

    visiting you back mommy rubs…btw, single here. mommy kasi tawag mo sa comment ko sa blog ko.hehehe

  • Shydub

    I never lost my passion in blogging marz but sometimes the lazy bug and other things are more interesting to do than blogging. nakakawalang gana rin itong daming blog na iniisip, yan reason ko minsan na i dont feel like blogging

  • Abby

    I also have the same problem a month ago.. Nagiging boring na para sa akin yung ginagawa ko since repetitive na lang.. but somehow, I overcome such problem of mine..

  • Jasmin

    I encounter the same problem of yours last year..Ang dami kong namiss na opportunities back then and it was the time when I realize that I lose several opportunitites that will only know once.. Kaya ayun.. I figure out that I really need to blog for me to earn..

  • chie

    i hope you’ll get back into blogging with passion mommyrubz. i do feel the same sometimes…parang it more like an obligation na than passion. I wish you all the best in the blog land.

  • Ane

    If I had like 10++ blogs like you do, I’d feel obligated and lazy sometimes too.. 😛

    I hope you get your blogging mojo back on Mommy Rubz.. 😛

    For me, I love blogging and if only I could, I would love to do it full time and not have to work.. 🙁 But sadly, there are things I need to pay for and my earnings from blogging won’t be enough to pay for it.. 😛

  • Be Happy Tips

    blogging is really hard work, it requires commitment and lots of time. its normal to feel lazy with blogging sometimes. but i’m sure after enough rest- you’ll miss blogging din.

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