Love Affair with Firefox 2.0


Some of my readers using Internet Explorer might not appreciate the looks of my blog. Well, I am not saying that my blog is darn so beautiful but what I am saying is my blog is best viewed in Firefox 2.0. Every time I edit my blog, I use Firefox 2.0. When I am satisfied on how it looks, well thats it. Though sometimes, I look at it using I.E.

I am much comfortable using Firefox and I feel safer and secured when I do transaction online. Aside from that, I can personalized it according to my tastes and preferences using thousands of add-ons.

But the best part is, it’s totally and absolutely free when you want to download it. So, if you want to see how my blog look using Firefox 2.0, click on the button found at the upper right side of the screen to download it for free. Guess what?! It has a Google Toolbar with it!

By the way, you may asked why it’s a love affair? I came to the point of actually searched the WWW for a way wherein I can spread the love of using Firefox by becoming an affiliate. I joined the “Spread Firefox Community”! If you like Firefox too and what to spread the love, please click the button below to become a member of “Spread Firefox Community.”

CLICK HERE to become a Member for Free!

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