Make It Safe!!

Walking or traveling these days is not safe anymore. Even your bag can be sliced open without you even knowing it. These crimes have happened several times already especially in public transport. Here in the Philippines, I think that gang was called “budol-budol.” Something like “bumping-bumping.” They do it as if they are bumping you unintentionally but they are slowly doing the slicing of your bag to get your money or valuables inside without you feeling it.

It’s a good thing though that there are bags made to prevent such things to happen. Like Pacsafe, they have several items for sale that are highly durable. Thieves could not easily get into your valuables. They have wallets, bags, camera straps and many others. I haven’t seen it here in our mall but in my usual surfing I was glad I saw it. They have an online store for these items and they are offering also free delivery. I guess this would be good for gifts and even for personal use.

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