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It was about a year ago when my aunt gave birth of her second child. It was raining hard then, that was the time when Typhoon Ondoy or Parma – international name, was currently destroying a lot of things and lives in Metro Manila and the near provinces. She’s so lucky that there is a small hospital around here in our place and she made it to go there safely. It went good and the baby is healthy and very cute! Oh no, I haven’t seen our new little angel yet, just in picture and videos because I was too busy in school to visit them in their house. Thanks to my sister who never forget to bring our digital cameras when visiting the baby. She’s now 1 year old but she actually looks like 2 years old already. Yes, she’s quite big!

My mom advised my auntie to redecorate their house since they have another toddler now. There must no sharp objects around or even corners of table and whatever. The house should have a positive vibes, my mom said that it will be healthy for the toddler. She also said that it would be nice if my aunt put fresh flowers there for more fresher smell as well as look.

My aunt must shop for the baby because they didn’t shop before the baby came out, it is because they never had a chance to sneak if the baby is a boy or a girl, funny how the baby hides during ultrasounds. haha. I think she should buy more pillows, a girly crib, a baby carrier, new toys, milk bottles, pushchair and uhm, I can’t think of more. Hell yeah, I never had a baby that’s why. lol 🙂

She’s growing too fast, I must see her soon. I wish her a healthy and blessed life. She’s so adorable! And I also wish for her mom. I know how hard to be a mom but also it is a very fulfilling job.

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