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What Makes Me Feel Better, Always…

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My friend, Judy of Bogie’s Wonderland, told me earlier today that she already knows my answer to today’s writing prompt for our blogging challenge – what makes me feel better always. She immediately blurted out “kape” which means coffee in English.

And what can I say? Well, she is definitely my friend. Hahahaha…

I am a coffee person. I can’t deny this one. There was one time that I have a blog entitled Caffeinated Muse. It was one of my favorite blogs but I have to stop it due to financial constraints and redundancy on my part. I already have a personal lifestyle blog and maintaining another will prove to be difficult both for my brain cells and wallet.

To show you how coffee makes me feel better, here are some caffeinated quotes to send my message across…

I do procaffeinating everyday.
This rings true for my family.
Life does happen. Thank God for coffee!
Here! Here!
Yup! Be coffee!
That’s why I start my day with coffee!

There’s a lot of quotes about coffee that I really like. So I will just end my post with these few ones. I hope these quotes can help you understand why coffee makes me feel better always…

Blogging Challenge 8/30 – DONE!

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Bogie Teves April 8, 2020 - 7:53 pm

Yeah, coffee is life! 🙂


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