Making a Cozy Little Home

When October 2011 came, it marked the start of something new. We have the old house all by ourselves – my husband, my children and I. My two single sisters transferred to another vacant house inside our family’s compound.

Because of this, we have been cleaning and rearranging the old house trying to make it a cozy little home for us. Since my sisters took all their belongings with them, we were left with almost a bare house. Most of the bulky things we had, such as coffee tables and end tables, in Bacolod City were given to friends prior to our move here in Cagayan de Oro City, so we don’t have much to unpack.

As the days go by, my husband and I kept on talking about what we item we should start planning to save. We can’t afford big ticket items, so we need to save for it first before buying in cash. My husband and I agreed that we will not buy on credit anymore but in cash from our future savings.

For now, we have a plastic dining and sala sets. So probably our long term savings plan will include a dining and sala sets that are durable. Aside from that, we might get another set of round end tables for our bedside and then probably a cabinet for our books and toys. These are big ticket items and would entail a lot of months to save for but we will not buy them all one time. We will purchase them one item at a time. We need to consider our daily needs, monthly bills and other expenses.

Tomorrow, we will buy something to make our home a little cozy for my eldest. We are going to build her a room of her own. We have allocated a little budget (300 pesos), to close down a little space so that our eldest girl will have a little privacy for her to start growing some independence. My daughter is excited and I am as well because I never had my own room when I was growing up. I slept with my parents and my siblings. And this little move of ours is making a difference for me and my family. 🙂

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